Fantastic summary with the high points in bullets at the beginning of the article and then more supporting details lower in the article. Thank you for raising awareness of this grave threat to freedom, national sovereignty ... and "public health."

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President Harry S. Truman, on August 8, 1945, singed the United States as a charter member of the United Nations and one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

That was the beginning of the end for USA national sovereignty. The WHO is just the natural downhill pile of death and slavery for mankind and the world.

United Declaration of Human Rights

Article 29, Section 3 of the Declaration says "These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations."

UN's Human Rights charter specifically says that you only have these "human rights" if the UN says you do. And they don't say "fair" or "just" or "good".......they say "equal"......... Equally bad, evil, malevolent.

Article 29 says the only rights you have are the ones they say you have and they can remove or suspend them any time they feel like it. Some human rights ! Those are the same human rights proponents who murdered JFK, RFK, Senator Wellstone, and who did 9-11.

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Great summary. Silly people if anyone still doesn't realize that the WHO is Fauci and Gates exemplified. Along with their multiple virus frauds and geoengineering, they want to remove more of our freedoms, never to be returned. The WHO is definitely a part of the digital currencies, though of course not all of it. They also want to lord over the docs and hospitals on how each condition is treated, in the cheapest way most likely. They are also a part of how life will be once 2030 comes with all of us, out of our homes with no land in tall apartment buildings with no cars to get around and no way to escape their BS.

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Does it seem like this administration is trying to get it done before or incase a sane American is voted in to stop it?

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The more pertinent question is why ISNT everybody concerned about the WHO?

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This is what happens when you install a military mass murderer at the head of an organization that claims to be once Ed about health

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I agree with Bill Rice, Jr., but I believe the bigger, nastier elephant in the room is the Rockefeller created United Nations, as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), both of which should be completely abolished, not continually funded to then complain about one of it’s sub-agencies or satellite organizations like the WHO or WEF. Then, after defunding and severing all ties, we ignore “their” rules & laws, begin hunting and arresting all of its officials and put them on trial for crimes against humanity. Otherwise we will NEVER be free of these fascists.

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Great analysis yet it's missing some other key points:

1. This treaty imposes abortion, abortifacients, transitioning of children, artificial insemination "rights", stem cell research by destroying human babies, etc., no matter what laws the country has

2. One Health plus climate emergency means they can cull all livestock, not just chickens:

War on poultry and cattle:


3. There's a big problem with the lack of scientific definitions of epidemic, pandemic, one health and even health (it is so lax that it includes EVERY human activity):


It is the first legally binding Constitution of the masonic global tyranny!

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


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"Monitoring mainstream and social media and to censor 'false and unreliable information' regarding WHO-designated public health threats (Article 44.1(h)(new)"

The freedom of the press, as expressed in colonial America and elsewhere, doesn't have as its primary purpose that we can all have information available to us and then debate what the best information is. The freedom of the press was explicitly so that we, the people, could root out bad Ministers by pointing out their faults and failings: this was the ultimate check on bad government. Freedom of the press was to preserve people from tyrannical government.

Andrew Hamilton, 1736, in his defense of publisher Zenger:

"It is said and insisted on by Mr. Attorney, that government is a sacred thing; that it is to be supported and reverenced; it is government that protects our persons and estates; that prevents treasons, murders, robberies, riots, and all the train of evils that overturns kingdoms and states and ruins particular persons; and if those in the administration, especially the supreme magistrate, must have all their conduct censured by private men, government cannot subsist. This is called a licentiousness not to be tolerated. It is said, that it brings the rulers of the people into contempt, and their authority not to be regarded, and so in the end the laws cannot be put in execution. These I say, and such as these, are the general topics insisted upon by men in power and their advocates. But I wish it might be considered at the same time how often it has happened that the abuse of power has been the primary cause of these evils, and that it was the injustice and oppression of these great men which has commonly brought them into contempt with the people. The craft and art of such men is great, and who that is the least acquainted with history or law can be ignorant of the specious pretenses which have often been made use of by men in power to introduce arbitrary rule and destroy the liberties of a free people? . . . ."

And thus, as Andrew (not Alexander) Hamilton goes on to say, it's necessary to have the freedom to criticize those in authority in order to preserve the people from tyranny. This is the logic of freedom. The WHO is attempting to set up a tyranny in that it wishes to monitor and censor speech, which "false" information is nearly always a legitimate criticism of government policy.

So we have seen, in spades, during Covid.

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"The so-called lack of equity was fortuitous for them!" This statement sums up the entire pandemic policy response by nearly all nations that enacted measures without any quality data to support their actions. The thought of the WHO running anything is frightening, with funding from billionaires like Bill Gates I am sure the policies will required more vaccines and expensive treatments that will make Bill and his buddies a lot of money. The WHO pandemic treaty = death and injuries x 10.

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I fear the WHO for all these well understood and presented reasons, but in a nutshell I fear it as a tenicle of the "New World Order," more rightly labeled "The Final Control Mechanism of The Evil, Narcissistic Global Control Freeks."

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The w.h.o. has NO authority, because We The People did not elect them.

They are legally liable and accountable (Every Single Member, without exception) for the TREASON and criminal takeover they are attempting.

By their actions they have designated themselves CRIMINALS.

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I don't understand why we can't get it across that the medicine man intervention with unproven injections is flat out wrong! We DON'T need a top down one size fits all approach! We have TO focus and address environmental and LIFESTYLE ISSUES that INTERFERES with the human's ability to survive pathogens. We are going down the wrong road because it embraces the allopathic medicine model that is OBSELTE!

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Thankyou for this. While i appreciate this needed explanation, part of me also feels like i've had enough of the WHO and associated criminals...like...could someone please just stop the wheel, i want to get off.

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The WHO envisions itself as the new Colonial Master. Not going to be popular in Africa, if understood as such!

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Not the rock band.

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