Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Nass. You are a Truth Warrior Angel with your wings tucked inside ...

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LIARS don't need "correcting". Mistakes need correcting.

LIARS need to be exposed. Revealed. Uncovered. Laid bare.

And then laid waste.

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She seems to be the only one who does correct him. So sad that this is happening.

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See SAMO reply. No correcting! Exposing.

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Perfectly said! You were born for such a time as this! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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The danger for us mortals are what they, our would be "Gods" are doing, to make their control permanent: But, But, But - They are "vaccines", not "genetic experimental "MODmRNA" therapy - Actually

Scientists STUNNED by First Proofs of Contaminated DNA Getting Absorbed into Human Cells –“Sunak Better Watch Out” says Dr Bhakdi

By Patricia Harrity on March 15, 2024

In an explosive revelation a few days ago during a video conference with Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International, Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, former Chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz and a distinguished figure in the field, unveiled findings that have sent shockwaves through the scientific community. The first experiments indicates that experimental COVID mRNA jabs, may have been integrating into human cells—raising the specter of genetic modification on an unprecedented scale. Dr Bhakdi says “Sunak better watch out and that he met with Andrew Bridgen a few days ago and that he was going to use this information.

Details of the video discussion have been republished below

Scientists Stunned by First Proofs of Contaminated DNA getting absorbed into Human Cells

“These cells did not merely interact with the vaccines but absorbed them, incorporating foreign DNA into their very structure” originally published by Aussie 17

Prof. Bhakdi, long known for his critical stance on the mainstream narrative surrounding genetic experimental mRNA therapy, shed light on previously dismissed evidence, saying, “What then happened was that Kevin McKernan’s findings [of DNA Contamination] were belittled…, although they were reproduced in Canada by Speicher.” These findings were eventually reproduced across multiple independent labs across the world. This disregard for groundbreaking research is alarming, but what Prof Bhakdi and his german team discovered next is even more so.

Prof Bhakdi’s colleagues immersed human cells in vaccines, unveiling a startling truth: These cells did not merely interact with the vaccines but absorbed them, incorporating foreign DNA into their very structure. “Our two lady scientists…found that the human cells immediately took up the vaccines, and the DNA, and the chromosomes,” Bhakdi said, outlining a process where cells began producing the spike protein in massive quantities. What was once theoretical fear has now been manifested into tangible evidence, showing the potential for these vaccines to alter human genetics fundamentally.

This evidence not only corroborates the initial findings but also offers a chilling validation of the genetic alterations being observed. “So, what did our girls do? They sent their human cells that had been transfected to Kevin McKernan, begging the question, Kevin, can you find any chromosomal integration of bacterial DNA in the human cell chromosomes? Do you know the answer? He put it up in his substack one week ago, and the answer is yes,” Bhakdi reveals, underscoring a critical and undeniable marker of genetic modification, fueled by vaccine integration.

Adding to the concern, Kevin recently published another article on his Substack, in which he reveals that the Plasmid DNA is not merely being absorbed by the cells; it is also being replicated after getting absorbed.

The severity of these findings cannot be overstated. Prof. Bhakdi articulates the gravity of this situation by stating, “The uptake of a foreign chromosome into your cell equates with nothing less than genetic modification.” This proclamation signals a critical juncture in our understanding of vaccine safety and the potential for long-term consequences impacting billions worldwide.

The possibilities of what this means for the human genome are deeply concerning. Bhakdi elaborates on the potential for catastrophic genetic disruption, using the metaphor of the “book of life” to describe the genome. The integration of foreign DNA could “smear” vital pages of this book, leading to unreadable genetic sequences with far-reaching implications for cellular function, possibly explaining the surge in tumors and genetic disorders globally.

If you haven’t read my exclusive report on the surging cancer drug sales post-vaccination in the “fastest and highest” mRNA vaccinated country in the world, now would be the time to do so!

In response to these alarming findings, Bhakdi calls for immediate action, urging a halt to vaccination campaigns until absolute safety can be guaranteed by both manufacturers and regulatory bodies—a demand that seems as unlikely as it is necessary. “These vaccines have all got to be stopped,” he demands, emphasizing the urgent need for a reevaluation of our current trajectory.

With forthcoming publications, Prof. Bhakdi’s findings represent a “shit hitting the fan” moment that you need to prepare for (i.e. heat up the popcorns!).

“They better watch out,” Bhakdi warns, signaling a storm on the horizon for political leaders and health authorities globally.

Full Video Below – To see shorter version see here Source Aussie 17

The Expose

Me: So what has this to do with "antibodies" - nothing does it? So Antibodies don't exist, because they can't and that has nothing to do with what the vaccines have done to the blood of the vaccinated (above), does it?

Interestingly, The US and Canada and New Zealand are seeing legislation's put into place which prosecute anyone who questions vaccines, to life in prison and those in charge, at the top, but let's say Trudea, Biden, etc - now your Presidents for life, presumably because the ModRNA vaccinated ceased to be Human and now have zero Human Rights by US 2013 Law, so they can't protest who controls them now or what for, can they?

See my last post on that subject, the one before this post or the one before that: Conundrum: If antibodies exist and vaccines are supposed to make them work

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You may already know this:

The Most Jabbed Countries in the World have the Highest Cancer Rates and it's a Landslide

Source: World Population Review. Australia: 462.5 vs. 35.9 Sierra Leone Cancer Rate per 100K.

for more:


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Hi Guy, I don't - but the vaccines which are actually Gene Therapy Injections are to blame for all cancers etc and up to 1.6 million other adverse events according to a Secret Pfizer report they were forced to release - but the bottom line is - if you are NOT vaccinated, by Law you are Human with all Human rights and if you are vaccinated, then by Law you volunteered to be a Crash Test Dummy, you have zero Human Rights ever again, legally (same rights as Cattle) and those vaccines can be anything the makers and those who purchased them to be injected into the CTD's want, the Military of your country, that is, with just that purpose in mind, because the military want CTD's they can genetically modify into Offense or Defensive Combat weapons and those not suitable for that conversion have no value and are exterminated, because they are of no use to anyone - this ties in with the Globalists who want to reduce Humanity and the animals we eat, to save our world from overheating and what better way than a depopulation target by 2025/26 of roughly 500,000 world wide ,according to Deagle's which is bang on track to achieve that apparently. Since World temperatures were recorded our world has increased in temperature by 0.2% - so much for the Globalists

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i don't call them 'vaccines' unless making a bridge to someone who doesn't know what i would be talking about.

and another subtle aspect of this 'ownership' is when we signed (parents signed) our birth certificates it is an agreement that we are participants in the corporate country and are governed by the corporate rules, technically and functionally different than the laws of the country. a canadian refugee here in mexico explained the details of this and his day in court when he disengaged himself from being a corporate citizen.

interesting times.

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Beware the word "shall."

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Thank you for being so indefatigable about the flames licking out of Tedros' bloomers. There's an excellent Brownstone Institute article on the psychology of those who will be comforted by this big lie which is written by pharma's marketing/behavioral psychology department and not Tedros, obviously.


They have gotten away with this since 1986 and expect to get away with it forever. Dr. Christina Parks, of Michigan, one of like literally 2 or 3 medical professionals here in MI who weren't sucking on the posteriors of pharma during the pandemic, has a red baseball hat that says "Make Vaccine Manufacturers Liable Again"

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Thank-you, Dr. Nass, for your dogged determination to keep exposing all of the WHO's nefarious intentions. There is just layer after layer of deceitful language & plans. On another note, the Arizona Legislature held a live interim meeting today with testimony from Drs. Peter McCullough, Robert Apter, Mary Talley Bowden & Stephen Hale on all of the harmful medical advise & treatment (& lack thereof) during covid. It was extremely worthwhile. It is a commitment of time to watch (4-hrs), but covered a great deal. Be sure to look for a link (I'm guessing it was taped) in Dr. McCullough's substack, "Courageous Discourse", or elsewhere. It may soon show up on the AZ Legislature's web-site (www.azleg.gov) though it is not there yet.

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This is nothing less than tyranny under the heading of health. If this is allowed to happen no one will be allowed to move about without accepting the special"measures" created by the corrupt WHO and ably assisted by our governments. If we think the covid restrictions brought down on each and every one of us was bad it will be nothing in comparison to what they hold in store for the world when they are in control of any perceived "health threats" . We all know by now they lie as easily as they breathe.

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Mar 16·edited Mar 16

Yes, the Chinese appointed the thug leader of Ethiopia ( not one of the most successful African countries, so why promote him to The Who ? 🤔🤫) Tedros to this position. After they paid him off crap loads of money personally to sell the country out on its natural resources.

Exactly what China ( and other countries ) are doing to African countries ....

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Great to point out that the WHO is organizing a global coup, so blatant that I wondered if it could violate the efforts of so called "Schwab foundation awardees". That's right, a Klaus Schwab foundation with a list of awardees - among which, those trying to improve health "the way every traditional MD could appreciate". An example,


For the US, 1 example re food: https://www.schwabfound.org/awardees/kimbal-musk/

It might be useful to find out what's really going on.

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'You shall live and die as we see fit'

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Tedros lies.

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"...require medical examinations.".....those bastards will NOT touch my person.

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Tedros did not get his proposed amendments presented 4 months before the meeting; per the organization and its rules. His Pandemic Agreements should have no validity ...and should be ignored. Terrorist Tedros really should have no authority to proclaim anything. He should be in prison in Ethiopia for what he did to his fellow Ethiopians.

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Chinese Lie.

He is their puppet.

And he is not that smart. Not even a doctor. Just an ex African thug leader.

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We SHALL overcome. Tedros: eat worms.

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Thank you Dr . Nass

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Thank you Dr Nass… the world needs to wake from its slumber … and stop sleep walking into oblivion.

Tedros wants everyone to take “the vaccine” yet will not do likewise…he wants to tell you what is best for your health .. even if it means your freedom dies.

Tedros has never treated another human being for any illness…or disease..he was a veterinarian not a medical doctor…even if my dog got sick.. the last person I would seek help from is this man….

He is also last person the world should ever listen to … when it’s comes to personal autonomy..he is simply a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party…

EVERYONE…please wake up from this nightmare .. and put on the lights of truth… do not vote the WHO into world dominance… or face its plans to enslave humanity.

Control of your existence belongs to the God you believe in… not an unelected devil in disguise.

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the idea that the 'health of the world's people is at risk' if we stop the WHO from their power grab is in itself the biggest farce. we DON'T need them in order to be healthy. we DON'T need them or anyone else to 'save us' from any damn thing. god forbid anyone actually READ their documents as see plainly what they say. oh nooooooo, we can't have THAT. so daddy Tedros is compelled to continually get on the world stage, (kindly given to him by the likes of Gates, WEF, etc) and talk his lame shit. shut the frack up already, Teddy. we ain't buyin' it. not today and not tomorrow and certainly not during your next plandemic.

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