Already read the original. To me one of your best ever, off to read the new one.

Been putting out hotspots from wildfires for days now. No one believes the media anymore, so set the whole world ablaze to convince us you're serious about killing us, yeah we get it already.

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I love you Dr Meryl Nass❤️‼️

I am with CHD in San Diego & on RFK’s campaign❤️

I’ve read & listened to you for 3 years now🙏Thank you soooo much for the education!!! I may not always understand everything that flows from your brilliant mind & vast history of your work but I do my best to follow, listen, read, educate myself & others & never falter from the path of medical freedom. I’m a bit older than you so I very much relate to you & that we have lived life on Mother Earth at the same time. Bless you for all you do to educate the masses & you will prosper greatly from your recently filed lawsuit!!

I just know it in my heart of hearts❤️

You will always have this woman’s support🌹

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Aug 21, 2023·edited Aug 21, 2023

If anyone thought that those warning about a New World Order takeover were just "tin hat conspiracy theorists", all they have to do is a little cursory investigation into the WHO and these points raised by Dr. Nass. Someone would have to have an I.Q. equal to "room temperature" or lower to NOT realize that:

(1) governments of most countries are colluding together

(2) none is acting in the best interests of their citizens

(3) their actions and intentions , if considered separately, could be excused as the results of VERY bad advice from incredibly ignorant "experts"

(4) however, by virtue of the fact that EVERY country is planning to do things that consistently are diametrically opposed to the best interests of their citizens

(5) and they have ALREADY demonstrated willful abandonment of every single accepted principle of Public Health

(6) and they have willfully censored and suppressed, and CAUSED to be censored and suppressed, every proven, safe, cheap, and effective repurposed drug or treatment for COVID

(7) the ONLY POSSIBLE CONCLUSION one can come to is that most governments of the world have been CAPTURED by persons and/or groups who are executing plans developed for the PURPOSE of HARMING OR MURDERING their citizens!

(8) this attack on humanity is PREMEDITATED and obviously designed to cause Mass Casualties. This is far beyond malfeasance or ordinary criminal activity. This is Collusion and Racketeering by an organized Criminal Cabal and easily rises to the level of Crimes Against Humanity but on a scale the likes of which the world has never seen!

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Thank you, Dr Nass, for a very thought through and enlightening text. We will try and take the time to translate your text to Swedish as we believe it will help in spreading knowledge about the planned WHO pandemic treaty, amendments to the IHR and their consequences. We will also forward your text to our responsible government department and hope that this time they will consider the graveness of the situation. Last time we did something similar all we got was basically "Your fears are unfounded. Don't worry"

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Aug 21, 2023·edited Aug 21, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

This is most extensive and finely crafted.

I am using the Brownstone version on my blog post today, since it is so engaging in overall visual presentation...

Well, I take that back now. The bullet-pointed conclusion section at the end really is the right messaging tool for the quick-readers. This version is what I'll send out.

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Thank God for this, Meryl!...cause have you seen this?

Mask, lockdowns..... https://thetruthaddict.substack.com/p/im-mad-as-hell-and-im-not-going-to

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This is excellent work, Meryl. I appreciate your additional insight and for sharing with us.

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Why commit to 10 doses per person? Its a way to fund the program in a way to conceal where the money is spent from public access. Nations will not require the doses they pay for, but they are committed to the program for which they are pouring money into. a guess is that propaganda is where lots of that money goes. like when media is clearly presenting false information that is paid for through Pfizer ad deals

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Dr. Nass, thank you again for an excellent summary of where we are and where we need to focus continued education to stop this insanity. If we can’t get these evil gangsters brought to justice then all is lost. I truly feel that some sort of giant class action lawsuit would be the most effective way to publicize and prosecute all of these crimes against humanity. Failure is not an option if we want to save ourselves and future lives. The truth of what really happened these last 4 years must be totally exposed and the fraud and conspirators severely punished. This can never be allowed to happen again. God help us if these criminals are allowed to continue their activities without accountability. Thank you again for your leadership.

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>Gain-of-function is a euphemism for biological warfare research aka germ warfare research. It is so risky that funding it was banned by the US government (but only for SARS coronaviruses and avian flu viruses)

How does one "gain the function" of a "pathogen" never shown to exist?

Nice magic trick!

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This is outstanding. Thank you for all you do. I mention Dr. Nass in my latest article, "The Real Goal of the Censorship Industrial Complex."


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We’re still left hanging as to why such aggressive mandates to inject young people and especially FEDERAL CONTRACTORS. Not congress or staff members not postal workers, but federal contractors!!! Seriously why??? Biden singled them out in a speech. Who’s responsible for that speech he read saying “I’m not fooling around anymore! All contractors to the federal government must receive the mystery injections or they can’t work for the government anymore!

My company took that as gospel and sent me home for refusing the jab! And I was successfully and productively teleworking at the time.

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Is there a PDF version (that maintains the hot links) available?

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Thank you so much, for this.

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No thank you to all of it.

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