Dr Nass. Of course your website stopped working. You are a clear and present danger to the power brokers. Thank you for your incredible energy to keep it up.

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Your erudite, well researched and accurate article covers the bases.

I suspect the attention span of influencers outside our rapidly inflating bubble have an attention span of around 5 minutes at most.

Might I suggest an executive summary of sorts?

Bullet points might be:

The US has engaged in biological warfare for decades and has a massive budget to continue doing so.

Examples - maybe from RFK jr's book "The Real..Voldemoort(s)" on how federal agencies experimented on deprived kids in the US - and thousands of women in Africa and India

The powers given to HHS secretaries is a breach of the Constitution

The powers given to the WHO are also a breach - Sovereignty cannot be delegated to a third party.

The WHO has insufficient competence to handle the task it is seeking to control - national health systems are struggling - the WHO would make things far worse as it has no track record or competence (who the hell hires WHO staff on what basis???)

You are a good person - trouble is the Cult is not. I would get someone to frame the issues you raise in a brutal way in those bullet points. We are at war after all.

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Aug 18, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

Dr. Nass

You used an inside quote and italics for this quote from the WHO:

Malnutrition persisted in all its forms, with children paying a high price: in 2020, over 149 million under-fives are estimated to have been stunted, or too short for their age; more than 45 million – wasted, or too thin for their height…

You might want to consider including a sentence ot two before or after the quote to act as a nexus between economic and physical lockdowns, and children becoming malnurished.


Jennifer Jones

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Very well written article. I have been following the “new and improved“ version of the WHO’s new pandemic treaty and IHR’s and they are as you point out. I wouldn’t trust them to take out the trash let alone manage (create) the next pandemic. The WHO is truly the WORTHLESS HEALTH ORGANIZATION.

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Hello Dr. Nass. I wanted to connect because yesterday, I made a critical discovery, thanks to an interview via Maria Zee with Dr. Ana Mihalcea.

This Maria Zee interview is one everyone should watch. The nanotechnology inside the COVID19 vaxxes do a few different things, but Dr. Ana Mihalcea shows here via electron microscopy that it is the nanotechnology that builds the rubbery blood clots which are causing all the sudden deaths. Wait, it gets much, much worse. They are putting the nanotechnology in all vaccines, all IV medications, benadryl, dexamethazone, normal saline, insulin, but she is asking how it is getting into unvaccinated blood for people who are not vaccinated. I know how.

I saw a few days ago that graphene oxide, a building block of the nanotechnology, was found in San Pelligrino bottled water. So, I'm assuming it is in many or all bottled water and beverages. I also have seen videos circulating showing that meat in the grocery stores is now magnetic. Do you remember all the clips with vaccinated people showing that keys stick to their foreheads? That was because of the magnetic nanotechnology in the vaccines. They need the magnetism in order to self-assemble once they get to body temperature and form into nanobots. I'm pretty sure it is in the food supply, and that is why the meat is magnetic and why she is seeing increasing nanotechnology fibers in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated blood. In addition, I suspect it is in the tap water. About 7 months ago, the water in my house suddenly had a weird flavor. The same day, my dog refused to drink it, which totally freaked me out. I bought a Berkey water filter and have been pouring all water through it thankfully for this reason, but I didn't know what was wrong with it until now. Berkeys remove heavy metals, so it should remove the nanotechnology and make your water safe to drink. I will bet you this crap is in everything we ingest that the elites can control. I messaged her to see if she can test the food, beverages, and tap water under electron microscopy and I will let you know if I hear back from her. Do you have access to an electron microscope? It is not paranoia when I tell you that the food and water supply are being poisoned. They are! The mRNA which weakens your immune system and organs is also in the proteins in all the grocery stores. I saw an interview with Bill Gates about 7 months ago explaining that they had changed all of the animal vaccines over to the mRNA platform. There were studies coming out of China about a year ago where they were showing that the mRNA can be transferred to humans via eating the animals and that it passes through the intestines and infects your cells. The mRNA hijacks your cells and causes them to begin making the spike protein. The spike protein is a foreign protein which your body recognizes as non-self, so when your body begins manufacturing it, it travels all over your body, attaches to your organs, and then your immune system begins to attack your organs, causing autoimmune problems, organ failure, and myocarditis sudden deaths.

My encouragement to you and your readers:

Please get the word out so we can help save lives. Buy everything from small local organic farms and farmers markets, because that is the only way I can think of to try to protect yourselves and your families. Buy a Berkey water filtration system for your water and don't drink anything that comes in a bottle. The only way to remove the nanotechnology is to have your blood cleaned with EDTA chelation therapy. Frankly, we all need to have our blood cleaned because right now, all of us have these little bastards in us and they are stringing together rubber blood clots that blood thinners cannot dissolve. So far, nothing dissolves them. https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/discussion-of-new-research-findings?fbclid=IwAR1krJtU2CtCasi-aC9J2OCyhISDdpwVoSfiIJT7RwEb8DmZ3tm7SREwjTY

Finally, if you are struggling to believe that you could organize this many people and companies willing to murder billions of people, I get it. It is hard to believe or comprehend. Here is their 2015 World Economic Forum/UN/globalist convention from. Please make time to watch the first 30 minutes. You will hear that they own Western governments and intelligence agencies and you will hear the 2nd speaker, the president of Malaysia, say "we will have to kill many billions of people," and that those who survive will be "stomped and starved" if they will not obey and submit to their New World Order 1 world government.


Stay safe, my friend!

Sarah Lawton, RN, BSN, CCM

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Word press is no longer dependable.

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Excellent article that leaves little doubt that the WHO and associated organizations (donors, sponsors) no longer regards health (with exception of the perpetrators' bank account health). Having been born during the WW2 famine in Europe has been enough to detect fascism even when for many, below the horizon. The Nuremberg Trial could have admitted that violating the Hippocratic oath was too easy and should have amended / corrected the failure, plus introducing a functional equivalent for every profession, to keep people morally and ethically accountable irrespective of personal beliefs.

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Aug 19, 2023·edited Aug 19, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

All websites to order natural supplements from are down or inaccessible in the Netherlands. / Lyme should be extra looked at within this bio-warfare topic as it is back with a vengeance. It is not only ticks anymore. And my gutfeeling says it could be from the same factory-family as Covid? / Also; the WHO is appropriating Natural Health Solutions now: 'The 2023 WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit is organized by the WHO Global Traditional Medicine Centre, and is co-hosted by the Government of India, which holds the G20 presidency in 2023 under the theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future”. This will be the first in a series of WHO global summits on traditional medicine, which will be held every other year in different WHO regions.

The third global survey on traditional medicine is designed to monitor the progress in the performance of traditional and complementary systems, to better understand their role, function and impact in countries’ health systems and to align with WHO and global monitoring frameworks.  The results will support the development of new traditional medicine strategy 2025-2034. 

WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit will be webcast live in official languages of the United Nations, and Hindi.

Access to the Summit is limited to local and Indian-based media outlets.


Again: That very-WHO-word 'One' ; “One Earth, One Family, One Future”

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The Highwire no 33. Geert van den Bosch's view, explains viral manipulation to keep up a (supposed) need for vax in a constant fast cycle of months. Yep, months.

Agree with others, why are the vets/farmers not refusing? I get farmers may not be owners and vets employees but their core responsibility is ensuring food chain security. Professional standards and ethics. Forgotten morals?

The depth (and stench) of the rot is mind boggling.

The Tower needs to fall. 🙏

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Dear Dr. Nass, thank you for an excellent article. I didn’t find it long or tedious in any way.

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I include the The First WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit video (17 – 18 August 2023): https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2023/08/17/default-calendar/the-first-who-traditional-medicine-global-summit

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Indeed, it has glitches, which I noticed when I could ntfind my new essay "Grasp Historical Initiative", and there is but (1) essay attributed to my name., not (2)

I typed "Grasp Historical Initiative" into the search function and it reported "no results", though the essay did then appear with 2 other unrelated essays.

What I note in internet censorship trends this year is nuisance-level-censorship, which makes sites irritating to navigate, and frustrating to try to enter comments to. Lots of different and changing gremlins can be introduced to slightly punish people for going to a site and trying to gain or exchange information.

Few pwople are so persistent when irritated and repeatedly thrwarted.

There will be other sites where everything works quickly and perfectly, ... Aahhh...

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(continuation of my response):

None of this is new. If you read the history of canals on the east coast, you will see that the Erie Canal brought forth hundreds of patently foolish projects. One proposal had 80 locks over distance of about 12 miles. This went on into the 1840s. The history of flight is the reverse of this. The favored developer, Langley, was given millions of dollars by the Smithsonian and failed. Two bicycle makers and a machinist succeeded. The lesson is to avoid centralization, protect individual rights and property with an equitable application of simple laws, and protect the freedom of speech. This works every time its tried, perhaps ten times now. It is always followed by the unconstrained who think they have God-like powers. "Affirmative Gender Care" is a perfect example. An experimental treatment for a poorly diagnosed problem with not a single bit of evidence to support the efficacy and safety of their protocols. In fact, everything we know about them suggests that they have irreversible and severe long-term effects.

It appears that almost every institution in the US has collapsed into cronyism and malfeasance. So I support your campaign against the Maine board. I hope you will focus like a laser on your suit against these foolish and incompetent people. But foolish and incompetent are likely to be protected, unlike your freedom to expose their malfeasance.

I also support the Brownstone Institute, and I'm glad they printed your article. That said, I don't know who your audience is. This episode is just another example of the inevitable failure of centralized control. The more tasks we assign to the government, the greater our failures. I hope your article may serve as a repository for future writers and analysts as they distill some specific features of the problem that could be addressed successfully.

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You have to look a this Meryl :

U.S. Department of Defense - BIODEFENSE POSTURE REVIEW 2023. 56 Pages.

¨The Biodefense Posture Review is a document released by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) on August 17, 2023. It assesses the biological threat landscape through 2035 and outlines reforms to enhance the DoD’s biodefense capabilities. It also examines the DoD’s role in the National Biodefense Strategy and its support to other departments and agencies.¨


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ....................................................................................... 1


CHAPTER II: STRATEGIC APPROACH ............................................................ 10



AND UNDERSTANDING TO COUNTER BIOTHREATS ................................. 17


A TOTAL FORCE RESILIENT TO BIOTHREATS ............................................. 21


IMPACTS TO DOD MISSIONS AND FORCES ................................................... 29


FOR ENHANCED BIODEFENSE ......................................................................... 35

CHAPTER VIII: CONCLUSION........................................................................... 40

ANNEX I: DEFINITIONS ..................................................................................... 41


ANNEX III: NBS GOALS AND DOD ROLES .................................................... 44


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I would recommend to Dr. Nass that she mirror EVERYthing from elsewhere onto substack, as backup -- call it "stackup".

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Fantastic, concise and understandable overview. Please do not truncate or serialize since it is more than obvious that you have already pared this down to the bare essentials.

Also this NASA document powerpoint by Dennis Bushnell head of NASA: "Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare..." is an absolute mind-bender and will provide a most chilling context to your document. I have been unable to find the exact date this was first presented but Jason Bermas (on Rokfin) has many, many superb videos following this NASA technology for a very long time. Well worth checking him out, too.

After reviewing these materials I can ONLY conclude that the WHO is not at all about Health and ONLY about death, destruction, depopulation and what soon will be greatest transfer of wealth in Human History from us serfs/peasants to the Public-Private Partnerships (NGOs )being created and solicited by these unelected world Globatarian organizations (WEF, UN, WHO, IMF, BIS, Central Banks, NATO, etc, etc.) China, Australia and Canada were the proving grounds of this experiment in social control.

This companion piece The 113 slide Powerpoint can be found at:


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