“Believe the official narrative, not what your eyes and brain tell you!” I am seeing warning headlines about the cluster of viruses, threats of mask mandates returning, instructions to get more shots... I am grateful for your showing the truth here.

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The last graph is the most interesting. While Covid deaths are falling and flu deaths are very low, the red line, which is pneumonia + flu + Covid, continues to rise. That means a lot of people dying from pneumonia that isn’t related to Covid or flu. Why would that be? Might it be that the immune systems of the elderly are completely shattered after 4, 5 or 6 shots???

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I just read your chapter in Lies My Gov't Told Me. I love your measured, reasonable, well-researched approach. It's very compelling, especially with your long history of identifying bio-terrorism being disguised as zoonotic in Rwanda, was it? I remember the Swine Flu being used to kill all the indigenous pigs in Haiti, as another form of ethnic cleansing. The Monsanto-style pig was poorly adapted and required high levels of infrastructure and inputs, destroying the sovereignty of the Haitian peasant farmer. Your term bio-terrorism is succinct.

ps still working on the episode on words. Got distracted by one I wanted to get out on polarization on Esther Perel & Yuval Harari: https://youtu.be/73PrTqUTmGg. But it's coming next!

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Human rights are the issue.

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Im going to ignore all the hype just like I did the COVID hype. I'm far too old to scare easily.

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I have yet to find ANYONE who was able to explain the difference between covid and the flu!!

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Jessica Rose Ph.D. has another Flu-COVID comparison, for flu-vaccine heart injuries vs. COVID vaccine heart injuries. This is a remarkably fair comparison through VAERS.

It is as you probably expect. The graphs are easy to interpret.


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So where is the emergency?

The emergency began in the USA about December of 2020 when the emergency use of the word emergency began.

I have never understood what a "COVID case" is but news of surges, upticks and "massive outbreaks expected" are ever-useful tools, such as now for whatever China is up to now.

When I first heard of people in the USA early 2020 dying of the "pandemic virus" my No-Sale - O - Meter started sounding. The "COVID Case" phrase grew in usage in the months before the Emergency Use "COVID-19 vaccine" in December. The illness that primarily advanced age people could have been a bad strain of the flu that flu season that mainly older individuals with weakened immune defenses suffered.

But once the "pandemic vaccine" was launched, the fear and panic levels were at optimal peak and all bets were off as to what the big bad "COVID" really was. There was no logic or science about this, it was all a word game that worked best in "deadly pandemic" environs.

There are serious illnesses happening now but we should not call those the same illness that happened mainly to the elderly in late 2019 / early 2020, but we do. It's all " COVID " now.

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Yet I can subtly feel how the spike lingers around in the system quite long, how … allergic it is. “Hyperreactivating” some immune systems. E.g. into turbo ageing mode. Not of genes, but immune system age and irritability. And loosing control not only over viral residues, but stalled lingering “stalemate” cancer as well. CD8 depressed state ie..

And I watch that it is not one pathogen, but a multitude. I can grasp the up-selection concept of Prof. Bossche now. All pathogens of waves so numerous ALL variants possible exist in parallel. Hacking us massively parralelly and distributed. Perhaps qm intertwined.

We still have all the hygiene lies of the CDCs of the world in place, lying by omission. 3m, not 1,5m. Is the flight of one droplet. Indirect also, they partly hop back from elbow., which is indirect malice “shooting around corners inpredictably”!

=> Guard 3m BOWL for 40sec. till 10k’s of droplets - each SINGGLE pne carrying the infectious dose of 2-3k virions - sank down.

Sneezing or Coughing or blowing ones nose : OUTSIDES we go. Dab nose till alone, THEN blow.

Or in need or tube, do it all under some cotton T- or sweatshirt. Press neck rim over nose line, slowly squeeze air through it, then re-emerge.

Is it so difficult to demand CDC’s *shall not lie*, not by omission either?

Let us shine all kinds of TRANSPARENCY spotlights on them.

TRUE Hygiene would enforce CALMER strains, as would better immune systems by more awakened fearless energetic friendly smiling into your uncovered face empathic HUMANS.

(Right now immune supression/reprogramming and fear porn and NO working hygiene and supressed antiviral treatment (esp. NO RING TREATMENT of CONTACTS of infected) is creating a distributed gain of function lab - WE PEOPLE. So let us turn this over! It’s just a flick of our minds:)

But for now, as a crippled society, I feel we must do something antiviral topicallly where it starts, 80% on throat ring, 20% in saliva glands, only 1% in nose and trachea directly, for smokers a bit higher % there, so do gargle less, spray a bit more, let them inhale antiviral (best inorganic antiseptic, we do DIY with dead sea salt) nasal sprays, done. Best inhale aerosols of inorganic antiseptics inhalable, all except CIO2 are if youncheck by taste if they are NOT tasting sour. If, buffer by trickling in 1% baking soda in the week’s supply till “just not tasting sour any more” (for some PVP-I not buffered by NaOH or stabilised H2O2 this is adviseable).

We do I-RECOVER / I-Prevent in the OTC part, so I hope we can do prophylaxis to prevent a rapid avalanche of infection after infection as I can watch around me.

But I feel how detached from their energy source or spiritualism my kids got after vaccination or shedding reception of PEG-LNP. As now shedding is proven, one can document it in kids easily if they are not vaccinated and still only have (wuhan) spike antibodies and no nucleocapsid ones, as spike is only 3% of the epitope surface you can build antibodies against. Has anyone found some papers underlining this approach to proof vaccinal damage by shedding ?

Use people emitting dead virus as a side-effect free vaccination by training your nK to produce better binding innate antibodies. Even infectious aerosol dies the trick if you cope to stay sub-infectious; would like to know if disifected aerosol cores (by inorganic antiseptics, like dry fog hypochlorite room disinfection machines or self-distributing from CIO2(aq) 10ml 0,3% per 10m² room area, and if you dilute it into 1.5L of water, it is legally still drinking water. Just do some breathable cap that still prevents water from spilling (Inused an old goretex jacket, did an insert of the membrane tonfit intona bottle cap I punctured some holes in.

Just one suggestion, which is, slightly thought further, even useable for production of CIO2(aq) by diffusably capping a little glas with kiel weight (so membrane stays up) in sour cucumber glass for “diffusion method production” of CDS “on the go”.)

Avoid people in the presymptomatic phase (ok, difficult, train you and your social contaxt to introspect with awareness some times a day to train it. Or use the sensor homo faber way… where 1day before infectiousness pm2.5 fine dust measurement of exhaled air goes up 7x upon respiratory illness incubation. Try it out, please. It is not specific, but clearly indicates „leaky mucosa“, so ask yourself why and fix it, by some Ca++ or Mg++ ions eg or film building stay-ons that enhance viscosity - all stay-ons and many “helping agents in fact are (in RCT’s as well) ignored active substances, especially if antiviral and pre-biotic and self-distributing like glycerine, where you can add some antiviral add-on like any essential oil trace to your liking and tolerable for you. Hector Carvallo did use 0.06% ivermectin, 10-30mins away from eating or drinking, put 1 drop to tongue.

0 infections in 788 covid care wirkers in 3 months during waves, control had 56%. OK, the trial was a sideline of him humanistically caring for 3000 ICU patients, in many hospitals, so the trial was receiving bad critics, mostly from BP of course, diminished, but for me it shines out and waits for a big observational crowd-funded trial in a whole city… having some waste-water PCR or RTLAMP stations at best. Would love to 3D print the test between sheets of foil and run RTLAMP insides the 3D-printer. And print the sample collecting mechanism. Use camera (smartphone) to quantitatively monitor many tests in parallel. Build drones shooting through wasewater canals as carriers of samples from other places and single estates of nursing homes or hospitals or schools.

And I can feel the supression of CD4/CD8 immunity against old viral residues.

See pre-exposure alters… äin an inheritable fashion“ (the PEG-LNP only, destroying the fine balance of inherited epigenetics my ancestors, probably bacl 3-6 generations, donated to me.

Please help find some democratic intervention against this aspect.

TCM energy-built-up or Ayurveda karma-cure are not available or affordable for me or most people (live in DE).

If it means we all have to become Ayurveda therapeutists, then make it so!

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