Seems to me that the USA & Canada are extremely resource-rich countries that the globalists want depopulated for their own use.... no wonder they’re trying to ban firearms...

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Who is the decision maker in the US that believes he will save more of our children’s lives by injecting them all on top of the burden of normal vaccines most of which have no positive value? This is criminal! Period!

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Kill them early before they reject it later

I refused early '20

and while 2 of my friends are dead and several have tested + several times

and 2 serious enough to be hospitalized, I have yet to have a sniffle in 3 1/2 years

I am sticking with my therapeutic protocol

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But as to seniors we will surely introduce them to early onset dementia.

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No baby should be vaccinated. If the mRNA shots have proven anything, it is that they’re very unpredictable and dangerous.

Parents should contact good doctors using repurposed drugs and supplements and nebulizing, to get young children and babies through influenza like illnesses ( if it even end up necessary ).

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The Vaccine Advocates Are Road Kill.

Don't Steer To Avoid.

Let Your Tires Run Right Over Them.

And All Of Those - Still To Take Our Brunt.


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The idea that something is unsafe to use on healthy people, but is approved for old people, tells so very many stories.

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Aug 11, 2023·edited Aug 11, 2023

Speaking from Scotland, I'm pretty sure they'll get our kids some way or other. If they have to wait for their next staged pandemic (2025?), they'll get them then. That's the one Bill Gates said 'will get people's attention'.

Primary school children are to be offered the nasal flu vaccine here this autumn, facilitated by the schools. I'm concerned about that for my grandson - I don't think my opinion on the matter will be welcome. My daughters were born in 1981 and 1985 and were never offered a flu vaccine at any point, including when they were pre-school. I had flu once in my life, at age 30, and don't even recall being aware of flu vaccines at that point.

The SNP is in bed with the globalists. Re the figures, when the official government data showed that 90% of covid deaths in Scotland were in the vaxxed, Nicola Sturgeon declared that they would stop publishing deaths by 'vaccination' status as the figures 'were being taken out of context by 'anti-vaxxers' and allowing them to spread misinformation'! Later, when they were obliged to undertake an 'investigation' into a spike in stillbirths, they managed to discount covid itself, but they claimed they would not ask the bereaved mothers if they were 'vaccinated' because it would be too insensitive. What can you do with people like that? The cynicism and corruption are off the scale.

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covid and flu shots are scrapped for the under 65s. maybe they don't want the workforce or young ones dropping dead during the holidays? just a thought.

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This is the 2023 vax schedule given to parents at birth in Scotland. Add the vit k stab 'within an hour of birth'. No surprise at the levels of chronic illness in Scottish kids.

Clearly 8 week olds at high risk of tetanus??? This is a cut and paste.

When to immunise

Diseases protected against

8 weeks old

• Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and hepatitis B (HepB)

Vaccine given

⚫ Six-in-one



Meningitis B (MenB)

• Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, Hib and HepB

12 weeks old

• Pneumococcal disease • Rotavirus

Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, Hib and HepB

16 weeks old

Between 12 and 13 months old- within a month of the first birthday

Every year from age 2 until the end of secondary school

3 years 4 months old or soon after

Meningitis B (MenB)

Hib and meningitis C (MenC)

Pneumococcal disease

Measles, mumps and rubella (German measles)

• Meningitis B (MenB)

• Influenza (flu)

• Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio

• Measles, mumps and rubella (German measles)

• Cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) including cervical cancer (in women) and some head and neck, and anogenital cancers (in men and women)

11 to 13 years old

Around 14 years old

• Tetanus, diphtheria and polio

Meningitis ACWY (MenACWY)

• Rotavirus

• MenB

• Six-in-one (DTaP/IPV/Hib/HepB)

• Pneumococcal


• Six-in-one (DTaP/IPV/Hib/Hep8)

• MenB






• Four-in-one (DTaP/IPV or dTaP/IPV)

MMR (check first dose has been given)


• Td/IPV, and check MMR status


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"..1796 ..smallpox vaccine ..no supporting data ..tended to increase ..smallpox ..erysipelas ..in vaccinated individuals..": https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/what-can-the-smallpox-vaccine-disaster

"..pesticide was sprayed in the US ..coincided with the first "polio" epidemics ..1916 New York City polio epidemic that killed over two thousand people ..caused by a virulent strain of poliovirus that was engineered at the Rockefeller Laboratories ..“accidentally” released into the public..": https://twitter.com/vgclements1/status/1605691559717937152

"..polio vaccines were contaminated with at least one monkey virus, SV40 ..hypothesize that the AIDS pandemic may have originated with a contaminated polio vaccine that was administered to inhabitants of Equatorial Africa from 1957 to 1959..": https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7935079/

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Why would humans allow their species to be stolen and down graded into a slaved sub species by an evil minority group of who ever they are. Time to fight this and stop the carnage, not talk about it as if the subject itself is even allowable.

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It would appear the Brits have a smaller demographic they wish to dispose of.

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Big developments related to this.

HHS and CDC 2023 budget have been given additional BILLIONS for MANDATORY child and adult vaccination, surveillance, electronic registry.

Plandemic 2.0 has started to push this fall's poisonous fast-tracked tri-valent Flu-Covid-RSV heart-breaking Turbo-cancer clot shot, necessitating more Emergency measures, Vaccination Health Pass digital ID, and resulting economy banking disruptions.

Hospitals are now reinstating ineffective mask mandates for another emerging Scary-Variant.

DO NOT COMPLY. Our lives and Consitutional Republic depend upon it.

1. Coordinated hype cycle: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/covid-19-is-heating-up-all-around-this-summer-should-we-be-wearing-masks-again/ar-AA1f02HB

2. Local hospital mask mandate on August 9: https://www.vnews.com/Masks-back-at-APD-51906176

3. US Covid Health pass are ready. Read and see application diagram:


4. USA DoD-HHS has extended Covid-19 medical emergency "Countermeasures" EUA from May 11 2023 thru Dec 31 2024 and now is expanded to include influenza.


5. USA 2023 HHS budget now funds a new mandatory adult vaccine program modeled on the Childhood Vaccine Advisory. *search doc for keyword term "mandatory" found 120 times:


6. Refer to biometricupdate.com for daily global and USA Digital Id developments.

Remember, they need strong state of fear to get unquestioning consent for control. Watch for upcoming Climate Change Emergency declaration, coordinated 2008-like banking / currency crash to usher in CBDC financial relief programme.

This all is taking place exactly according to WEF/BIS/World Bank/IMF Financial Stabilization Board Global Unique Identifier project plan 2022-25. Save the document and month timeline.

See pgs 14-15 item: Action 2 milestone date within document below:

G20 Roadmap for Enhancing Cross-border Payments: Consolidated progress report for 2022

"ID systems worldwide, (ii) legal and regulatory framework related to the adoption of Digital ID as well" <- FSB language



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Death and destruction is now the main driving force of big pharma and the modern stone age medical mafia. The have nearly 8 billion patients to attend to. And they want every one subjugated and tortured by the medial community.

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