CBW weapons are designed for specific purposes. And the intention is always to prevent detection (make it seem natural) because there are laws against CBW. Otherwise a bullet is simpler and cheaper.

Some are designed to cause chronic illness (say brucellosis or low dose cyanide) some to cause brief incapacitation (say shigella) some to cause assassination (say snake venom, ricin, cyanide)

So what would be the purpose of using snake venom as opposed to hepatitis A or cholera in the water? If snake venom is found in water or medications it is obvious that something illegal happened, and the manufacturer is subject to liability where there was (perhaps) none due to the EUA.

So, what I would need to convince me that snake venom was being used would be:

1. Finding some in a product

2. Finding that people were being physiologically affected in a chronic way by venom that was different than the immediate, acute life-threatening effects of venom.

Happy to entertain the venom theory as long as there is a single piece of valid evidence to support it.


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Dr. Ardis' father-in-law did not die from Remdesivir, but other drugs. This led Dr. Ardis to investigate the drugs and then down the rabbit hole of the only authorized treatment allowed in hospitals, Remdesivir. He has been sounding the alarm since early 2020. The paralyzed diaphragm was from the vaccines compared with snake venom, not the virus. I trust and believe chiropractors more than medical doctors. A medical doctor almost killed me with a new drug, almost 30 years ago. It was a chiropractor and a nutritionist who brought me back to health. I think you need to view the video again and get your facts straight before bashing this information and spreading misinformation, which we have too much of today.

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First of all, you don't know about Dr Ardis and his practice apparently! Here we go with you are just a chiropractor and don't know about medicines. I follow him and he knows about them! You don't have to go to a school to get information on these pharmaceuticals! He does what most trained physicians don't do and researches them! His practice was healing people who suffered many years with conditions you guys just mask with more drugs. Many people might not be in the hands of physicians killing us if they would think outside their medical degree box and took the time to find out that Ramdesivir failed miserably in the ebola trials! Swallow your pride and stop the nasty attacks. There is a new system being transitioned to now of doctors that will open their minds and doctors that don't want to get on board will be left behind. Why does it take a chiropractor to figure out the hospitals are the new gas chambers?????

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Thank you. Meryl. for posting a quick rebuttal to Ardis' theory. It is unfortunate that his video on Rumble will receive 1 million views in the first day of release. Many Christians are swooning over it, throwing all discernment to the wind.

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It's the QTQTNSPRRAR thing again.

I haven't seen the referenced video, but with all due respect, the neurotoxin (snake venom) homology in Spike (both vax & COV2) has been raised & published by serious people:

An insertion unique to SARS-CoV-2 exhibits superantigenic character

strengthened by recent mutations


have been pointed out to form a motif, Y674QTQTNSPRRAR685, homologous to that of neurotoxins from Ophiophagus (cobra) and Bungarus genera, as well as neurotoxin-like regions from three RABV strains (21).

A nicotinic hypothesis for Covid-19 with preventive and therapeutic implications

Changeux et Al, Received: 2020-04-16



"The neurotoxin motifs. Amino acid sequence alignment of the motifs found in toxins from snakes of the Ophiophagus (cobra) and Bungarus genera, in G from three RABV strains and in S from SARS-CoV-2."

Turns out these guys have been playing with IVM & Neurotoxins and nAChR since 1998:


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I would trust Dr. Ardis with my life, we are facing life or death. Do you think the last 2 years are something that occured in nature??!!! Ugh, many of doctors don't think this evil exist so your blinders are on missing it all.....no wonder he found what killed his father-in-law, he got off his ass and quickly found what the problem was!

Too many are blindly just accepting this genocide!

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It shouldn't matter if the guy is a plumber insofar as facts are concerned. Where are your facts?

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James Lyons-Weiler has done some worthwhile research on snake venom and COVID here:


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What happened to Dr Bing Liu? What is the closest genetic sequencing to Deceased Covid 19 victims? Why is Remedsvir the only Fauci prescribed 9 day treatment to the checkout land?. Could Shanghais water supply been infected with the peptides containing the Kraits synthetic sequencing? Why are 5 named toxins binding to acetylcholine receptors !) HIV1 gp 120 2) Rabies 3) BUNGARO toxin 4) King Cobra toxin 5) c19 spike. What did researchers conclude Univ arizonia conclude from autopsies of deceased Covid 19 patients? My advice is to get some nicotine gum. And by the way, my mother lost her taste after first kill shot!

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Thank you. He apparently is also ' selling a ' detoxification' product. As if we don't have enough real things to be wary of.

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Thanks for your take as I was wondering what other esteemed medical professionals thought. My first thought after watching and hearing about the coincidences of similar effects of covid vs snake bites was 'could snake venom DNA have been used during gain-of-function research to create the bioweapon virus??'

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In due respect, Dr. Ardis shows a profound ignorance of pharmacological subjects which makes it clear that he is trying to connect dots that don't exist. I was particularly shocked when he repeatedly acknowledged that he has never heard of a company called Genentech which is one of the largest biotech companies in the USA (if not the world). Ardis didn't even seem to know about Roche, which is one of the largest drug companies in the world. Because he happens to mention this big gap in his knowledge at the beginning of the interview, I couldn't trust much else on what you had to say.

And just because anti-venom may have some role in treating people with Covid-19 or long-hauler's syndrome doesn't mean that the virus is any type of venom, just as the benefits provided from Ivermectin (a drug that provided "deworming" effects) doesn't mean that Covid is "made from worms."

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Dr. Ardis seems to suffer from a bad case of “Duper delight” throughout the interview. Mixing truth and half-truth/guesses/made up BS is not a new grifter method, but the scent of grifter is strong with this one.

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I noticed Steve Kirsch hadn't sent the full show out on his stack...

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I really had to force myself to keep on watching this « movie ». I even thought the doctor ought to go into acting if you know what I mean. But I persisted because we need to look at content more than form nowadays. My eyes were rolling in the back of my head at some point. Many questions remain. I got most interested when he explained the link to smoking and mild symptoms as we had the most illogical ban on tobacco here in South Africa during lockdown. Makes one wonder if our so called health authorities are as stupid as they looked! And by the way, Chiropractors are my number one choice of health practicioner. I owe my health to many of those great healers.

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I fully agree, dear Meryl!

All adverse effects of the injections known so far can be explained by the toxicity of the spike protein and the LNPs and by the immune reaction against the cells that translate the spike protein. Furthermore reverse transcription of the mRNA and integration in the genome is possible though not proven in vivo so far. Finally there is contamination with (toxic) metals.

We explained all this in our latest symposium:


I see no point in debating unscientific pseudo-intellectual babble.



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