We need a war chest. You can see how drawn out this crazy case has been so there has to be money up front to go forward, because you can't run out in the middle of a case. Luckily, we already have some. Which may be why the board is dragging this out. They might fear what happens when it's over. Malfeasance, anyone? I included the donation page for CHD in another comment.

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I just can't stop laughing over the fact that his name is literally FAUST. Although I'm sure this whole ordeal is anything but a laughing matter for you, Dr. Nass. Stay strong and keep up the fight.

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An incredible story and true bravery and strength from you. I pray for you and know that the truth is what matters. No matter what, your inner history is validated. You have not let them defeat you! I applaud you in the highest.

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Dr. Nass.....Thank you so much for your bravery. They are trying to make an example out of you to deter other Healthcare providers from doing what is right. They want all Healthcare providers to march in lockstep and just follow some "one size fits all" approach to medicine instead of using critical thinking, knowledge, and experience to determine what is best for each individual patient.

You are doing the right thing and you are exposing their vindictiveness and incompetence. Please stay the course.

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The purpose of this 16.5 month odysee is to waste Dr. Nass's time and money and try to crater her life. What is amazing to me is that they still think they can do it. Geez. Are they really this stupid or what?

Witness Catherine Austin Fitt's 11 year legal torture (and being poisoned 8 times) for trying to stop the 2008 Meltdown. Or IT genius Aaron Swartz's legal disaster ending in his murder... and on and on.

It is remarkable what the different parts of the overall 'system' will do to wreak havoc on citizen's lives to make examples out of us with impunity. They still haven't gotten the memo. Satan has left the house. We are moving on to a peaceful world. Only the desperate minions are flailing around and circling the drain towards their own karmic demise.

Target lost $14 Billion in a week. Is there anyone at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) or BlackRock Hedge Fund who thinks the sleeping bear hasn't woken up? How about them apples at Budweiser? The message is clear. We are sick of their shit and they can GO AWAY.

Climate Czar John Kerry has an un-staffed office at the State Department and is never there. He's a PAPER TIGER. Try calling him to vent about his desire to wreck our global food chain and seize our farms. His mailbox is full and there is nobody to empty it. The State Department operators have no idea what to do with irate citizens calling to give him a piece of their minds....

I hope these sub-humans wake up sooner than later.

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May God bless you for having to deal with all this. The world is lucky to have you as a fighter for doctors who are going through this. I know you will win and I do hope you sue them to oblivion. It is unbelievable how much evil and corruption has come to light in the last 3 years. We all knew of corruption but probably couldn't have imagined it was this bad. They aren't even hiding it anymore.

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"Why are we still going forward with these hearings?" -- To run out the clock and your legal funding. Esp. since they appear to be under no time pressure to produce a conclusion and just keep calling more "expert witnesses".

My question to your legal team: Can you sue the living sh*t out of the AMA, the Board members and their bogus witnesses for wrongfully taking your license, depriving you of your livelihood and besmirching your good reputation?

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Jun 1, 2023·edited Jun 1, 2023

Most doctors are not practicing medicine. They are administrating AMA and big pharma non-cures with the express purpose of keeping patients sick and chained to the medical system. The purpose of any physician or medical staff should be to cure the patient so that they become free of further need for medical interventions. Keeping the patient on a life long schedule of drugs and other medical necessities is a crime of the most dastardly sort.

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Jun 1, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

It was interesting to see that your counsel, despite the masses of information he had to learn and have at his fingertips, was unable to retain in his mind the correct pronunciation of Dr. Risch's name. We saw him learn it, and then promptly forget...

My friend, the author of the Substack CoronaWise, made the fascinating observation yesterday that prosecution--the ultimate weapon in the suppression of early treatment information--has resulted in putting these medications on trial--ironically the exact thing that honest docs had wanted from the start. I think the fed's plan had been to scare the medical community into submission. Their totalitarian strategy failed to comprehend that anyone with the guts and the support network to fight back when prosecuted for "misinformation" would get a public hearing. The defendant can then put into evidence the very information that was so heavily suppressed. Extremely high stakes, but brilliant!

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Just love your work and your writing style is clear and elegant.

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Jun 1, 2023·edited Jun 2, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

The original Dr. Faustus signs a covenant with the devil, who demanded Faustus sign it with his own blood. But Faustus' blood clotted and he couldn’t sign the deal with Mephistopheles. Looks like the clot shots were available in Elizabethan England, too, lol!

Now in a delicious redux of irony, our little Dr. Faust - like his namesake in the Marlowe play - got his memory clotted on the ‘expert’ witness chair! Bring on the soulful violins!

As to your question, Meryl (“Why are we still going forward with these hearings?”), 1, it is designed to impoverish you with 1000 pinpricks; and 2, it’s a money pot for ‘expert witnesses’ and medical board members to get paid by Maine’s taxpayers to exhibit practiced boredom while delaying the assured vote to remove your license to practice medicine.

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You are a beautiful soul. With a warrior spirit.

Keep up the good fight.

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I just retired. After spending over $350,000 having gone through a half dozen incompetent attorneys and all the lies of the DEA and Texas Medical Board I figured I could make more of a difference as an advocate and writer! Really sad as in Texas we took away patients rights to sue doctors. We gave the power to the medical board! I know many a patient abused the old system. However if you talk to any doctor, especially pain doctor who has been target by the board they would gladly go back to the old system.

There is a huge paradigm shift coming. Pharmaceutical companies have picked all the low hanging fruit. God made an amazing machine with the human body. What we feed it is way more important than trying to swoop in later to fix it. Vitamin D3 and magnesium in particular. Www.vitamindblog.com. Cutting out seed oils and high fructose corn syrup for example are critical.

Do not believe me. Try it for yourself. I am not giving medical advice just my personal opinions. Vitamin D3 at what I call optimal doses to reach optimal blood plasma levels along with magnesium and omega 3(krill oil) resulted in me going from one of three largest prescribers(depending on month as some months largest other second or third largest) antidepressants in five state region to prescribing two prescriptions over next approximately six years.

None of my patients again contracted a respiratory tract infection (influenza kills tens of thousands a year). This was before the big C. Even with it this made a huge difference. Fifty percent had osteoarthritis resolve. If I had added boron and vitamin K2 the MK4 type I believe all would have resolved.

Most lost weight. Almost all had their deep restorative sleep return. My and many others cancer resolved. Mine was skin cancer. One patients wife who started taking what I recommended her husband take had her terminal ovarian cancer (was given less than six months to live by MD Anderson hospital doctors) is disease free and healthy now almost 13 years later. So much more.

Do your own research. Your health-physical and mental health-is key to your freedom! If not mistaken 9 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were physicians! So now I is my pen(ok keyboard) as it truly is mightier than the sword! Oh I am not suicidal-just saying as it seems outspoken critics suddenly become “suicidal“! Dangerous world we live in. We need to reclaim our rights!

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Med page is just an unethical arm of Big Pharma and is used to pump expensive proprietary drugs and discredit those that are cheap including nutrients like D and NAC which are key to good health!

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Bravo as usual Dr Nass on all fronts. Words fail. Unending thanks.

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Pardon my semi-impertinence.


As I read this update I couldn't help but think of a clip from the Antiques Roadshow that I happened across this past weekend dodging wind and raindrops with my family at Bedrock Beach. Up for appraisal is a medicine cabinet for medical students. Lo and behold, before pharma's capture of western medicine, it would appear that medical students needed to know a lot more about nature's herbal offerings and their relationship with human well being, as evidenced by the contents of the time-capsule-like treasure seen in the clip.

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