My grandfather was one of the project paperclip scientists, a physicist who worked on the V2 doing wind tunnel analysis. Though I never suspected that he was a subscriber to nazi ideology (which was confirmed by a foia request of his FBI file after he died), I always wanted to understand more than he was willing to discuss.

I always wondered how my grandparents (Oma was one of Werner von Braun's secretaries) could have been part of an entire country gone raving mad. I no longer wonder, because I'm living it now, as most of my friends and family join in.

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A stunning warning that must be heeded for humanity and freedom to survive. Share this as if your life depends on it. More people must have their eyes open. Klaus Schwab and his ideas must be sent to hell.

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And she is entirely correct. The masses do not detect the signals of mass manipulation and damage and death and insane overlord megalomaniacs. The policies alive in the world, in the United States, are gradual so as not be noticed so quickly, but effective, and deadly. State propaganda, more than any time since I have been alive, crowds out the voices of dissent and reason. We have come very close to not having enough alert and aware people to object, and that "may" be changing. Yet the propagandists and those who insist on "the greater good through technology" are, sorry to say, just modernist Nazis. Resist every effort to control society. The horrors of the Holocaust, the horrors of the tens of millions who died in Russia-these are not that far away from our time. These horrors took the complicity of millions of citizens to be allowed. Do not allow it, ever again.

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Aug 20, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

The failed gene serum evil jabs pushing Globalist who owns Facebook has banned Children's Health Defence.

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Thank God for this! I've been absolutely appalled by the response of the Jewish community these last two years. I've given to Holocaust "rememberance" centers in the past to help keep the memory of tyranny how it takes over alive. There was a lot of talk about "NEVER AGAIN" and "NEVER FORGET".

80 years and now the time has come to SPEAK OUT, and what we get is.... CRICKETS.

This is a FAIL. No more donations.

Again, thank God for this woman, apparently the last remaining "Righteous among Nations".

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Heartbreaking. What we need to be on alert for is not so much those who have forgotten history, but those who intend to use past atrocities as a roadmap. This is exactly what Bill “Killshot” Gates and the “elites” (fronted by the WEF) are doing. The 4th industrial revolution is nothing but the 3rd reich rebooted. Crushing them is the hill we all need to be willing to die on.

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I have been reading your newsletter for a while, but have not previously commented. I apologize in advance for what will be quite a lengthy comment.

I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist who, admittedly, did not quickly catch on to what was really happening when SARS-CoV-2 was unleashed on the world. In early 2020 when our ICU began to overflow, another part of the hospital had to be repurposed for additional patients deemed to be critically ill with COVID-19 and we were constantly inundated in the laboratory with samples to run blood gases on patients who were intubated (in addition to the numerous other tests required for those suffering from COVID-19). I began questioning why we were employing mechanical ventilation for patients who had low O2 saturation but were capable of breathing on their own, and were thus administered with paralytic drugs to enable the ventilators to take over. Thanks to organizations such as PANDA and a friend who had been following "underground" information since the onset, I started to see the bigger picture. When we had a full year of real-world data analyses to evaluate and when information began to emerge about the mRNA technology being employed in vaccine development, I had a major awakening.

As a resident of New York State, I experienced some of the harshest measures employed in the U.S. to "flatten the curve." (My mother was in a nursing home, which was locked down so completely, her own children could not visit her. She was functionally deaf and suffered from dementia, so we could not even speak to her on the phone. My mother died July 31, 2020, and I did not get to see or talk to her for the last 5 months of her life.) I began pointing anyone who would listen toward the nascent Nazi Germany - particularly from 1932 to 1939. I warned people that what we were seeing here in our wonderful country followed the same formula used by Hitler to amplify and exploit the fears of the people so that when he began to gradually strip away their freedoms, they did not merely accept it, but welcomed it as being in their best interests. The scale of such manipulation has been increased exponentially in our time by Big Tech and corporate media.

When vaccines became available to healthcare workers ahead of the general population, most of my coworkers could not wait to be vaccinated and were proud of their vaccinated status. Then the mRNA vaccines were rolled out to the public in stages, and the divide grew between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Those of use who chose not to be injected with experimental gene therapy were becoming pariahs, blamed for the perpetuation of the pandemic and so many other ridiculous things. I likened it to the unvaccinated being the new "Jews" with vaccine passports further highlighting the favored and "enlightened" status of the vaccinated versus the ignorant, selfish, science-denying "plague carriers" - a sort of reverse of the Yellow Star of David.

I was living and working in Buffalo, NY, where I had lived my entire 50+ years of life, loving my city and never desiring to live anywhere else. When the NYS Department of Health implemented a "COVID-19" vaccine mandate for healthcare workers mid-2021, I believed some accord, some workaround might be achieved through our union. When that failed, I thought I could surely get a medical exemption due to my autoimmune status since vaccines stress the immune system. (I have never taken immunosuppressant drugs, instead controlling my condition with diet and lifestyle modifications.) My rheumatologist refused to support such an application and, like many rheumatologists and immunologists, wrongly claimed there was no contraindication for those with autoimmunity. By early September 2021, I knew that I would not be able to practice in my field beyond the end of that month, because I absolutely would not subject myself to an experimental procedure as a condition of employment. As a scientist, I had too many questions and concerns. I also had no need to be "vaccinated" for an illness with a global survival rate of almost 99%. So, I was forced to uproot my life in order to continue working in my chosen profession. By the end of October 2021, I was a resident of the wonderful state of Florida. While I appreciate so much about living here, it does not change the fact that I had to leave family, friends and the only home I ever desired, rather than risk my health - perhaps even my life - and compromise my principles. I also make significantly less money in Florida with less paid time off and fewer benefits while working more hours.

I spend most of my free time researching things such as the data on SARS-CoV-2 illness and the inoculations, real scientific evidence regarding immunity (my pet project for many reasons), politics and all the world events unfolding as part of this global plan executed by the privileged few. I do what I can to educate others, feeding small amounts of information lest I be discounted as a "conspiracy theorist." My love for my country and my fear for our very near future moves me. So many Americans take for granted the God-given freedoms protected by our Constitution, because they have known nothing else. The most fervent American patriots I know are those who emigrated from countries such as Cuba and communist Poland.

Thank you, Dr. Nass, for speaking the truth, for choosing what's best for the patients entrusted to your care rather than following government-prescribed protocols that kill people who probably would survive SARS-CoV-2 infection and for being the "watchman on the wall," though it has been at great personal cost. Reading your newsletter is always educational. It is also encouraging to know there are many others who see what is really happening, who value empirical data and who heed true scientific evidence rather than "the science." Thank you for sharing Vera Sharav's speech (which I will use in my efforts to help others see the big picture). Even though I was already acquainted with the things she spoke of, I had not previously seen it expressed with such pithy eloquence. And who could be more qualified or more authoritative than a Holocaust survivor to sound the alarm? Your efforts to educate, enlighten and warn are so much appreciated. I pray the awakening continues that our country and our world may be saved.

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Dr. Nass just fyi all this makes sense to me so I put it together over time, shared and emailed it all over for a few years now, and no one ever corrects any of it. I've learned for years now that psyop scams are nothing new at all.

Over 100 Years Ago the US Government Lied Us into World War I


Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits


Exposing the ‘Nazi’ Epithet Part 2 – Anti-Hitlerism: The Rise of Pure BS and Hatred


Share WW I & II Truth for Peace

Click "MORE" below each video to see the additional info.


Note: If this bitchute channel is restricted to you like it is to some because of their location, use some VPN like https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ to access the internet where you can change your location to one that works and you can view the channel. I have other channels so it's not like I focus on this only.

Bonus: Deism for a humble, natural state.


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I was holding my breath while reading. Powerful, disturbing and a last-call for humanity to wake up. Thank you for sharing.

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People - Print this out. Many copies. Fold each like a pamphlet. As many pamphlets as you want.

Wherever you go, leave it somewhere public for others to read.

Most people don’t even know any of this. And they won’t receive or read this via substack.

Educate them. One person at a time.

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Thank you Meryl, I'll send this transcript and the link to the talk given by Ari Goldberg (below) to everyone on my list. And thank you for all you are doing to fight this horror.

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So poignant!! Wow.

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A civilization that perverts the field of medicine and is more interested in experimenting on patients and gathering biological data in this newly framed frontier of mRNA technology rather than heal them using repurposed FDA approved drugs is committing medical murder. Doctors should be held liable because it's malpractice. That's how it works in a civilized society otherwise you have varying degrees of mayhem. Editing viruses in labs all around the world is a risk to our humanity. In my opinion, they should take all the mRNA technology and CRISPR technology and throw it in a burn pit and turn it to dust so humanity might have a chance to survive. If you're caught using it you go to jail for ten years, make the consequences unpleasant. Editing viruses for virulence in labs all over the place is too risky for our survival. It just takes one little mistake and a pesky virus escape and we're all dead. I don't see how those experts can't see where the spinning wheels of intelligence hit that pavement. Given time, it's bound to happen.

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A brave lady staying the truth. She is one of my role models in these times.

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This is chilling, but unsurprising. We need to share it widely. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP NOW!

I wrote and shared the following almost exactly one year ago as comments in Epoch Times articles. Since then, I shared more evidence of what was happening. Clearly, I didn't reach enough people; or those people I did reach didn't care enough to share with others.

____ 8/11/2021 ____

We are living in Nazi Germany

This “pandemic” is not about health. It is about complete control and extermination of unnecessary (non-essential) people.

Our constitutional rights are not important anymore. We are living in totalitarian, doctor-controlled version of Nazi Germany.

If you have any doubts, please see below. I hope you will watch, read, and share widely, regardless of your religious or political affiliations.

You will see exactly where we will be if we don’t stop mass psychosis, totalitarianism, and bad science before it is too late.

VIDEO Mass Psychosis: How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill: https://rumble.com/vo0dwu-mass-psychosis-how-an-entire-population-becomes-mentally-ill.html

VIDEO Ep. 152 — A Marxist Takeover Would Destroy America, 30-minute prescient video by Dennis Prager Sep 17, 2020: https://www.prageru.com/video/ep-152-a-marxist-takeover-would-destroy-america/

VIDEO Dr. Dan Stock, Noblesville, Indiana - Six-minute video presentation to school board summarizing why masks, vaccines, and bad science do not work: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/2/frontlinenews/watch-dr-daniel-stock-schools-indiana-school-board-on-mask-mandates-and-covid-protocols/

Are the unvaxxed the ‘New Jews’? : https://americasfrontlinenews.com/post/are-the-unvaxxed-the-new-jews

____ 8/10/2021 ______

Restrictions on Unvaccinated People See Explosion of Fake Vaccination Cards: Researchers

No vaccine card = Germany’s Yellow Star.

IF YOU HAVE A REAL VACCINE CARD, RIP IT UP! Protect your family, friends, and neighbors.

Refuse to show your card whether vaccinated or not.


NOTE TO TYRANNIZERS: They WILL come for you — eventually — once you are no longer useful. And that time will come sooner than you think.

LISTEN TO THIS! RESIST! https://www.americaoutloud.com/informed-consent-freedom-to-choose/

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